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India's First Assessment Based Drama Festival

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Drama Festival



The DramCam Drama Festival gives  students and teachers a unique opportunity to integrate theatre, learn, perform, get international assessment certificates and represent their school at a national stage. 

The program includes over 32 hours of Speech & Drama and assessment training with Joy Of Drama’s national and international faculty members to help the teachers create and shoot amazing performances with their students. 


Get the opportunity to perform at the DRAMCAM Grand Finale 2024 in New Delhi and win prizes, including the opportunity to join the Shakespeare Summer Program 2025 in the UK.

Win Full-Scholarship To Learn & Perform Shakespeare In The UK

Top scorer from Level-3 will get full-scholarship to participate in the Joy Of Drama's Shakespeare Summer Program India-UK 2025.

Perform At The

DramCam 2024 Summit

In New Delhi

The DramCam 2024 Festival grand finale in New Delhi will feature performances by the top-5 scorers from each level. There will be talks and workshops on drama education by some of the leading experts on the subject.
Each winning participant will get a fully trip to New Delhi with her teacher.

  • - Learn speech techniques for better communication skills
    - Learn drama techniques to express clearly
    - Create compelling performances based on the given texts
    - Get evaluated by Trinity College London
    - Compete to join the League Of Excellence in drama
    - Opportunity to perform live at the national grand finale in New Delhi
    - Win a chance to learn and perform Shakespeare in the UK

  • - Up to 32 hours of Speech & Drama, assessment and technical training
    - Learn from Joy Of Drama’s national and international faculty members
    - Step-by-step guidance to prepare your students
    - Free teaching resources- text and videos 
    - Curated set of graded performance texts to choose from 
    - Compete to join the League Of Excellence in drama
    - Opportunity to perform live at the national grand finale in New Delhi
    - Training certificate from Joy Of Drama

  • - Get end-to-end support for Speech & Drama assessments of your students
    - Get your teachers to train with Joy Of Drama’s national and international faculty members
    - Integrate theatre with your school curriculum
    - Top performing school trophy
    - Certificates for all teachers certifying 32 hours theatre integration training

    - Get 12 hour of on-campus training with Joy Of Drama faculty (for schools with a minimum of 50 entries))

Student & Teacher

Are A Team Again

Festival Entry Grades & Corresponding School Classes

Grade Initial :  Class 2 & 3

Grade -1 :  Class 4 & 5

Grade-2 : Class 6 & 7

Grade-3 : Class 8 & 9

Speech & Drama Assessments By Trinity College London

International Assessments

Trinity College London assessments are known throughout the world, and are officially recognised by educational authorities in many countries. 

These assessments are a great way to get a reliable feedback from a recognised external source on your students' performance skills and preparation. 

DramaCam Festival top scorers will be selected on the basis on the aggregate performance in the Trinity College London Assessments and the mock assessments conducted by the Joy Of Drama faculty members. 

32 Hours Of

Teacher Training To Help Your Students Prepare Well

Live Online

Learn Speech & Drama technique, theatre integration and how to prepare your students with the Joy Of Drama national and international faculty members.

On Campus

Schools with more than 50 entries can opt for up to 12 hours of on-campus teacher training

Modules, Schedule, Facilitators & More

All Day Helpline For Teachers

For all your queries, help will always be just a phone call away. 

To make the performance of your students bullet-proof you will get online one-on-one mock 
assessments and expert feedback.

Mock Assessment & Feedback For All Participants

Find Everything About

The DramCam Festival 2024

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