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Program Director, Vaishali Chakravarty

Everything you need to learn to help your students perform better

Keeping It Short & Practical

From our experience of training more than a thousand teachers across India, we have designed modules that will make the process of preparing your students to perform easy, more efficient and enjoyable.    

The modules also feature sessions with the Joy Of Drama international faculty members,  assessment task based sessions and general doubt clearing session.

  • Date: 29 June & 15 July 2024

    Duration: 1 hour session/ per grade

    Conducted By: Joy Of Drama Faculty

    - Understand all about the festival process and the Trinity College London assessments in the applicable grades.

    - Ask all your preliminary questions and get a quick start

  • Date: 22 July - 26 July 2024
    Duration: 1 hour session/grade

    Conducted By: Joy Of Drama Faculty

    - Quickly understand the syllabus and the performance tasks in each of the Trinity College London grades

    - Learn the step-by-step process to prepare your children to perform these tasks

    - Get ready to use graded prose and poetry collection to get started in no time    

  • Date: 29 July - 01 August 2024
    Duration: 3 hour session / per grade

    Conducted By: Joy Of Drama Faculty

    - Learn the practical techniques to create prose or poetry performance with your students

    - Learn quick ways to improve the presence of your students

    - Learn how to use minimal props and costumes to make a big impact in the performance

  • Date: 10 August - 13 August 2024
    Duration: 1 hour session for all grades
    Conducted By: Joy Of Drama International Faculty

    - Learn quick ways to improvise and devise performances with your students 

  • Date: 16 August - 17 August 2024
    Duration: Open Sessions With Joy Of Drama Faculty Through The Day
    Conducted By: Joy Of Drama Faculty

    - Get the opportunity to share, discuss and find answers to all your queries with an expert from the Joy Of Drama faculty, as you prepare the performances with your students

  • Date: 19 August - 20 August 2024
    Duration: 1 hour session
    Conducted By: Joy Of Drama Faculty

    - Learn quick techniques to get the best quality video from your phone camera when you shoot the performance of your students

    - Learn the video shooting guidelines 

    - Learn quick techniques to capture the sound in the best possible way

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